Tier: 3

Targets for the ESP-IDF development framework running on RISC-V and Xtensa CPUs.

Target maintainers


The target names follow this format: $ARCH-esp-espidf, where $ARCH specifies the target processor architecture. The following targets are currently defined:

Target nameTarget CPU(s)Minimum ESP-IDF version

It is recommended to use the latest ESP-IDF stable release if possible.

Building the target

The target can be built by enabling it for a rustc build. The build-std feature is required to build the standard library for ESP-IDF. ldproxy is also required for linking, it can be installed from crates.io.

target = ["$ARCH-esp-espidf"]

linker = "ldproxy"

build-std = ["std", "panic_abort"]

The esp-idf-sys crate will handle the compilation of ESP-IDF, including downloading the relevant toolchains for the build.

Cross-compilation toolchains and C code

esp-idf-sys exposes the toolchain used in the compilation of ESP-IDF, see the crate documentation for build output propagation for more information.