2. Customer Interactions

Interactions between customers and Ferrocene are primarily done through the customer portal. An “organization” inside the customer portal is provisioned for each customer shortly after purchase, in which team members can be invited.

2.1. Support requests and bug reports

The overview page of the customer portal includes the instructions on how to contact Ferrocene support. Note that the level of support available depends on the purchased plan.

2.2. Obtaining Ferrocene

Detailed instructions on how to download Ferrocene are available in the User Manual.

2.3. Obtaining Documentation

Ferrocene comes with a comprehensive set of documentation. This documentation is available at docs.ferrocene.dev (requires authentication with your customer portal account), or can be downloaded along with the Ferrocene release (in the ferrocene-docs archive).

2.4. Consulting Known Problems

Whenever a noticeable defect is discovered in Ferrocene, a new known problem is recorded in the Known Problems. Customers are alerted of new known problems via email.