Tier 3

Bare-metal target for any cpu in the Armv4T architecture family, supporting ARM/Thumb code interworking (aka A32/T32), with ARM code as the default code generation.

In particular this supports the Game Boy Advance (GBA), but there's nothing GBA-specific with this target, so any Armv4T device should work fine.

See arm-none-eabi for information applicable to all arm-none-eabi targets.

Target Maintainers


This is a cross-compiled target that you will need to emulate during testing.

Because this is a device-agnostic target, and the exact emulator that you'll need depends on the specific device you want to run your code on.

For example, when programming for the Gameboy Advance, the mgba-test-runner program could be used to make a normal set of rust tests be run within the mgba emulator.