Function core::ptr::without_provenance_mut

const: 1.61.0 · source ·
pub const fn without_provenance_mut<T>(addr: usize) -> *mut T
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (strict_provenance #95228)
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Creates a pointer with the given address and no provenance.

This is equivalent to ptr::null_mut().with_addr(addr).

Without provenance, this pointer is not associated with any actual allocation. Such a no-provenance pointer may be used for zero-sized memory accesses (if suitably aligned), but non-zero-sized memory accesses with a no-provenance pointer are UB. No-provenance pointers are little more than a usize address in disguise.

This is different from addr as *mut T, which creates a pointer that picks up a previously exposed provenance. See with_exposed_provenance_mut for more details on that operation.

This API and its claimed semantics are part of the Strict Provenance experiment, see the module documentation for details.