Function core::ptr::hash

1.35.0 · source ·
pub fn hash<T: ?Sized, S: Hasher>(hashee: *const T, into: &mut S)
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Hash a raw pointer.

This can be used to hash a &T reference (which coerces to *const T implicitly) by its address rather than the value it points to (which is what the Hash for &T implementation does).


use std::hash::{DefaultHasher, Hash, Hasher};
use std::ptr;

let five = 5;
let five_ref = &five;

let mut hasher = DefaultHasher::new();
ptr::hash(five_ref, &mut hasher);
let actual = hasher.finish();

let mut hasher = DefaultHasher::new();
(five_ref as *const i32).hash(&mut hasher);
let expected = hasher.finish();

assert_eq!(actual, expected);