2. Qualification Scope

The Ferrocene qualification encompasses the qualification of the Ferrocene compiler’s functionality as identified in the Ferrocene User Manual and the Ferrocene Language Specification

The Ferrocene compiler links to libraries liballoc, libcore, and libstd. These libraries are evaluated and tested within the scope of Ferrocene qualification for compiler use only. The use of these libraries by end-use code is outside the scope of the current Ferrocene qualification. It is the end-user responsibility to qualify these libraries if they are used in their code.

The other development tools besides rustc are not qualified and are distributed for convenience only. This includes but is not limited to:

  • cargo

  • cargo-clippy

  • rust-analyzer

  • rust-demangler

  • rust-gdb

  • rustdoc

  • rustfmt

  • the various llvm tools (example being llvm-objcopy)