1. Overview

This Manual describes the use of Ferrocene rolling, the ISO-26262:2018 and IEC-61508:2010 qualified version of the Rust toolchain. Ferrocene is based on rustc version 1.80.0.

This Manual assumes familiarity with rustc and the Rust language, and outlines usage instructions specific to Ferrocene.

1.1. Structure

This guide contains the following chapters:

  • About Ferrocene describes the requirements and process of installing and running the Ferrocene toolchain.

  • Using Ferrocene describes how to build programs using the Ferrocene toolchain. This includes an overview on how to build libraries, executables, as well as mixed language compilation and system calls.

  • Compilation targets describes qualified (supported) and unqualified (experimental) Ferrocene compilation targets.

  • References provides further support and information about other documentation.

1.2. Further Relevant Documentation

The Ferrocene documentation package includes:

  • The Ferrocene Language Specification, which describes the expected behavior of Rust as implemented by the Ferrocene compiler.

  • The Ferrocene Safety Manual, which includes usage and constraints guidelines of using the Ferrocene toolchain according to functional safety standards.

Further information about the Rust language is available online and maintained by the Rust Project. This is a reference only and has not been verified by Ferrocene engineers. An overview of the information is available here.